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Doctoral Workshop

We would like to welcome doctoral students to attend the workshop organized for Monday 3 June 2024.

Participating students will have the opportunity to present their research proposals, which will be discussed by their colleagues and senior faculty. A session chair will facilitate discussions to ensure that all doctoral students receive constructive feedback on their research proposal. The workshop will also enable students to network with fellow doctoral students and learn from established faculty.

The workshop will be supported by very experienced faculty. Names will be announced soon!


Doctoral candidates interested in attending and presenting their research proposals (not results of finished research) should submit a one-page statement of interest. This statement should contain your name, affiliation, project title, project description, and an indication of where you currently are in the process of completing your doctorate. An e-mail for the statement of interest will be made available shortly.


The statements of interest are for planning purposes only. A full research proposal (max. 15 pages) must be submitted before the deadline indicated below. The full research proposal will be reviewed. The number of participants in the doctoral workshop is limited. Based on the review process, a maximum of 8 proposals will be accepted for presentation in the workshop. Apart from these 8, there is scope non-presenting doctoral candidates to participate in the workshop as discussants.


Review criteria include:

  • Clarity of research purpose (relevance, objectives, and research questions)
  • Potential research novelty and contribution
  • Review of relevant literatures
  • Justification for – and discussion of – research methods

The stage of the research is important: it should be a carefully crafted proposal with some level of maturity looking for comments. If it is just an initial idea without plans for execution, there is too little content for our faculty to comment upon. However, the proposal should not concern research that is near completion or that has already completed data collection: in this case we would encourage doctoral students to submit a paper for the main conference.

Costs & Registration

There will be no extra fee for participation in the Doctoral Workshop. However, participation in the EDSI 2024 Conference is requested.