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The full program is accessible at the following linkhttps://www.conftool.net/edsi2024/sessions.php 

Some of the spaces

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“Sala delle Colonne”

The column hall is a vast room, intended for the reception of confreres and pilgrims, which preserves the medieval aspect of the fifteenth-century building.

Here the -seated- lunches and coffee breaks will be held.

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“Sala dell’Albergo”

The small square room retains its severe 16th-century appearance.
The four imposing canvases with episodes from the Apocalypse by Jacopo Palma the Younger (1581-1582) are what remains of an iconographic program from the second half of the sixteenth century, which had its beginning on the ceiling, now bare, in a splendid canvas by Titian with the Vision of St. John at Patmos within a gilded frame.

Some of the parallel sessions will take part here.

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“Sala Guarana”

Upon completion of work in the 18th century, an additional room was added for the School’s administrative activities. Formerly designated as the Archive and Council Room, it is now named after Jacopo Guarana, to whom the frescoes on the ceiling and above the doors are attributed.
In the large fresco tondo in the center of the ceiling, St. John the Evangelist in the act of writing the Gospel is surrounded by three cherubs and an angel in addition to the ‘eagle.

Some of the parallel sessions will take part here.