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2023 EDSI Annual Conference

2023 EDSI Annual Conference

JOIN EDSI for our 13th Annual Conference

Building Resilience for Sustainable Transition
June 4 – 7, 2023
Audencia Business School
Nantes, France

The necessity for the development of new business models to combat the looming energy crisis, to prepare for the digital disruption, to improve supply chain transparency and security, to ensure diversity and inclusion, mental health and physical wellbeing in workplaces, generate a challenging new environment for managers across all the functional areas of an organisation. With increased risks along the supply chain, building resilience has become a pivotal topic for sustained organizational survival and growth. The conference will provide a forum for academics as well as practitioners to present research papers and discuss opportunities to improve effectiveness and innovation in organisations. The underlying intent will be to generate insights into the radical changes and develop innovative decision making models for responsible organizational performance.




Program Outline

The EDSI 2023 conference will run over 4 days. Parallel sessions, keynotes,  doctoral poster sessions, a Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner are planned. Following the conference, a cultural/industrial trip may be available.

Day 1 – June 4

Doctoral Workshop
Welcome Reception

Day 2 – June 5

Academic Keynote
Parallel Sessions
Business Keynote 1
Parallel Sessions
Gala Dinner

Day 3 – June 6

Parallel Sessions
Business Keynote 2
Parallel Sessions

Day 4 – June 7

Industrial Visit
Cultural Visit
(Subject to numbers)