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Tourism Programme - Cultural Activities

June 3 (afternoon)

• Doctoral workshop.
GONDOLA TOUR (optional).

PIZZA DINNER (optional).

June 4

• Opening speech.
• Keynote speech.
• Parallel sessions.

GALA DINNER (optional for family members and for those who only register for the workshop).

June 5

• Parallel sessions.
• Meet the editors.
• Industry keynote.

June 6


June 3 - Gondola Tour and Pizza Dinner

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The Gondola tour

The gondola tour will start from Bacino Orseolo, located behind St. Mark’s Square and next to the Hard Rock Cafe.
The tour continues along minor but incomparably beautiful canals such as Rio dei Barcaroli, where Mozart’s house is located, and Rio dell’Ovo until it reaches the Canal Grande. From here, on the right we can see the magnificence of the Rialto Bridge and on the left important palaces such as Ca’ Farsetti, seat of the city hall, and Palazzo Grimani, the largest building overlooking the Grand Canal and seat of the Court of Appeal. The tour continues to Rio San Luca where we can see Palazzo Manin, the residence of the last Doge of Venice Ludovico Manin today the seat of the Bank of Italy. The tour ends at the same boarding point.

The Pizza dinner

What Italy would be without a good pizza.
We have selected for you the largest chain of Neapolitan pizzerias in the world: Rossopomodoro – Venezia San Marco.
Here you will taste zeppoline, montanara, the mozzarella and tomato skewer, Ice cream or Tiramisu and… the pizza.

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June 4 - Aperitivo italiano and Gala Dinner

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An experience in a panoramic terrace on the “Canal Grande”
and in the “Sivoli Restaurant”.

A page dedicated to this day is available.
Please visit https://edsi.decisionsciences.org/social-events/.


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Guided tour through the city.

To get to know the history of the city, as well as the most hidden and authentic Venice, it is best to join a guided walking tour.