Keynote Speakers and Editors Roundtable

Academic Keynote

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Miriam Wilhelm, Full Professor at WU Wien.

Keynote Title: “Making Our Research Matter – How Can We Help Businesses to Make Socially Responsible Decisions?”.

Miriam Wilhelm: is a Professor for Sustainable Supply Chains at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In her research, she deals with the pressing question of how global supply chains can be made more sustainable. She is passionate about studying this challenge through extensive fieldwork in different sectors and contexts such as automotive (Japan), ready-made garments (India), electronic supply chains (China), and seafood supply chains (Thailand). She has published the results of her research in leading journals, including Production and Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, Organization Science, among others. She is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of Supply Chain Management where she is co-editing a Special Issue on ‘Regenerative Supply Chains’.

Industrial Keynote

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Carlo Urbinati, President and Founder of Foscarini.

Keynote Title: “Italian design at the crossroad between humanism and technology”.

Carlo Urbinati arrived in Venice in 1981 to follow glass lighting orders for a company on the island of Murano: Foscarini ( Since 1983, together with Alessandro Vecchiato, he has designed and developed the first line of lamps intended for the series, models that combine blown glass with the culture of contemporary design.
In 1988, together with Vecchiato, he took over the entire share package of Foscarini, becoming its President and starting collaborations with many designers, researching new technologies and materials to complement glass. This path will lead them to recognized successes, also awarded with a Compasso d’oro-ADI in 2001. In 2010 they founded the magazine Inventario, a book-zine dedicated to the visual arts and the world of planning, the magazine will be awarded in 2014 with the second Compasso d’oro for Foscarini. In 2014 Carlo Urbinati became the sole shareholder of Foscarini. In 2020 he was elected President of Assoluce. Elected Councilor on the Executive Board of Lighting Europe in 2021 and reconfirmed in 2023.

Editors Roundtable

Roundtable Title: “How to ensure research impact”.


Xenophon Koufteros, Editor-in-Chief of Decision Sciences Journald;
Ou Tang, Editor of International Journal of Production Economics;
Carmela Di Mauro, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management;
Andreas Wieland, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Supply Chain Management;
International Journal of Operations & Production Management  (to be confirmed).


Guido Nassimbeni, Full Professor at Università degli Studi di Udine.